(1967, 16mm, B&W, Sound, 30min.)

Starring Bob Cowan, Gina Zuckerman & Donna Kerness

"This movie was made when I was a bit depressed which is nothing new, but also the main actor, Bob Cowan, happened to be depressed also and so we had a wonderful time working together. One of the actresses was also separated from her husband at this time and the movie solidifies into concrete the repressed desires of everyone who works with me, or more realistically, instead of concrete, the production becomes a frozen, brittle enema bag that slowly thaws and can only be appreciated along channels previously blocked by organic reality."  – George Kuchar

"The film reflects the images on a screen with accompanying sound for maximum effect. Being that a large assemblage of persons in various stages of emotional wreckage were used, this film drops the curtain on many friendships that take their last bow in this testament to 1,200 feet of Tri-X reversal." – George Kuchar

"Color Me Shameless closes the wretched era of tattered nerves and festering repressions that sprout fungoid perversions. Hold Me While I'm Naked began the era. Like all previous eras, there will of course remain fossils and bones to excite the scientific few. Many of those bones are still living in the La Brea tar pits of adulterous betrayal and infantile meat expansion." – George Kuchar