Curriculum Vitae

(1942 – 2011)

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Selected Exhibitions

Selected Press

Selected Interviews

"George Kuchar (1942-2011)", Interview by Miguel Calderon and Julio Cesar Morales, SFAQ: International Arts and Culture, San Francisco Arts Quarterly, Issue 9, 2012.
"George Kuchar", Interview by Daiana Feuer, L.A. Record, Vol. 6 No. 2 Issue 105, 2011.
"Interview with George Kuchar by Ed Halter", Little Joe #3 (A magazine about queers and cinema, mostly) 2011.
"Alt Narrative: Up from the Underground with the Kuchar Twins", Interview by Roger Rose, Cine Source, Vol. 2 #4, 2009.
"George Kuchar: An Interview," Interview by Steve Reinke, Video Data Bank, 2005.
"George Kuchar Confidential", Interview by Mike Plante, Cinemad #6, 2001.
Donna Cameron, "Pieces of Eight: Interviews with 8mm filmmakers", Big As Life: An American History of 8mm Films, MOMA & San Francisco Cinematheque, 1998.
"Storm Chaser: George Kuchar Kicks up a Storm with Weather Diaries", Interview by Scott MacDonald, The Independent Film & Video Monthly, July 1997.
"George Kuchar, An Interview by Sean Bokenkamp", Bunnyhop #8, 1997.
"Mental Enema, Starring George Kuchar", Art Fag #1, Spring 1996.
"George Kuchar", Interview by Gordon Isnor, Butterbites, 1994.
"Film Versus Video & Other 'Timely' Shit: George Kuchar talks to himself in the Reno Motel", Chemical Imbalance #8, 1993.
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"Interview with the Kuchar Brothers", Interview by Sheldon Renan, Film Culture #45, 1968.

Writings by George Kuchar

“Movie Factory”, Radical Light: Alternative Film and Video in The San Francisco Bay Area, 1945-2000, University of California Press/Berkeley Art Museum and Pacific Film Archive, 2010.
“Cans and Cassettes”, Journal of Film and Video, Vol. 57 No. 1-2, 2005.
“Lips on Latex”, Fleshpot, Jack Stevenson 2000.
Reflections From A Cinematic Cesspool, George and Mike Kuchar, Zanja Press, 1997.
“Gazing Back”, Shock Xpress: The Essential Guide To Exploitation Cinema, Vol. 2, Titan Books, London, 1994.
“Tips on Directing”, “Ed Wood”, “More Tips”, “Teaching Film”, Wide Angle, Vol. 14 No. 3&4, 1992.
“Blackboard Jungles and Liberated Latrines, Some Writings”, Shock Xpress: The Essential Guide To Exploitation Cinema, Vol. 1, Titan Books, London 1991.
"Footage Fetishes", “Teaching Film” and “The Art Of Cinematography”, Film Threat #21, 1989.
“Shooting in 8mm Video”, Motion Picture, Collective for Living Cinema, 1987.
“How To Light: A Talk By George Kuchar”, (Illustrations by George also) Idiolects #11, Collective for Living Cinema, 1981.
“George Kuchar Speaks on Films and Truth”, Film Culture, No. 33, Summer 1964.

Illustration Works by George Kuchar

Graphic Classics: H. P. Lovecraft, Vol. 4, Eureka Productions, 2002. (2nd Edition includes Kuchar’s bio of H. P. Lovecraft originally published in Arcade in 1975, 2007)
Shade Rupe, Funeral Party II, 1997. (illustrations)
George Kuchar, “A Reason To Live”, Short Order Comix, No. 2, Published by Family Fun, 1974. (Reprinted in the New Yorker, 1993)
"The Dietrich Dossier", Cinema News, Foundation For Art In Cinema, Vol. 77-7, 1978.
George Kuchar, “A Letter For Olga”, Arcade-The Comics Review, No. 1, Published by The Print Mint, 1975.
George Kuchar, “The Labor Theory Of Value” by David Cohen, Illustrations by George Kuchar, Arcade-The Comics Review, No. 2, Published by The Print Mint, 1975.
George Kuchar, “H.P. Lovecraft 1890-1937”, Arcade-The Comics Review, No. 3, Published by The Print Mint, 1975.