Writings About George Kuchar

The George Kuchar Reader, Andrew Lampert, Published by Primary Information, 2014

George Kuchar (Underground Filmmaker Genius), V. Vale, Re/Search Publications, 2013

Desperate Visions: The Films of John Waters and the Kuchar Brothers, 2nd edition titled Desperate Visions 1. Camp America: The Films of John Waters and George and Mike Kuchar, Jack Stevenson, Creation books, 1996

Pandemonium, Freaks, Magicians and Movies Stars Issue, 3rd Issue, Jack Stevenson, Living Color Productions, 1989



Comic Books and Illustration Work by George Kuchar

Graphic Classics: H. P. Lovecraft, Vol. 4, Eureka Productions, 2002. (2nd Edition includes Kuchar’s bio of H. P. Lovecraft originally published in Arcade in 1975, 2007)

Shade Rupe, Funeral Party 2, 1997. (illustrations)

George Kuchar, “A Reason To Live”, Short Order Comix, No. 2, Published by Family Fun, 1974. (Reprinted in The New Yorker, 1993)

The Dietrich Dossier, Cinema News, Foundation For Art In Cinema, Vol. 77-7, 1978.

George Kuchar, “A Letter For Olga”, Arcade-The Comics Review, No. 1, Published by The Print Mint, 1975.

George Kuchar, “The Labor Theory Of Value” by David Cohen, Illustrations by George Kuchar, Arcade-The Comics Review, No. 2, Published by The Print Mint, 1975.

George Kuchar, “H.P. Lovecraft1890-1937”, Arcade-The Comics Review, No. 3, Published by The Print Mint, 1975.

Illustrations and Comics by Mike Kuchar

“ …and still they come!” by Mike Kuchar (Extract from Gay Heart Throbs #3, 1981), Little Joe #4, 2013.

Shade Rupe, Funeral Party II, 1997

Manscape Magazine, 1980’s

First Hand Magazine, 1980’s

Gay Heart Throbs, 1979, 1981

Meatmen, 1970’s