Corruption of the Damned

(1965, 16mm, B&W, Sound, 55min.)

"Kuchar's films are overtly insane. Anyone who lived in such a world would be mad inside an hour. Perhaps the Marx Brothers might survive, but I doubt it. Godzilla, King of the Monsters, might have a better chance. But the utter insanity, the insanity of perverted cliche, is the genuine unwholesome appeal of Kuchar's outlook. CORRUPTION might seethe with violence and sex, the two most attractive things you can put on the screen, but beneath them a twisted outlook pervades. Something is very much wrong with the Kuchar world."                           – Leonard Lipton, Berkeley Barb

"The film is a cross between The Silence, L'Aventura, and Terrytoons... In it there can be found beauty, glamour, sophistication and smut. An enormous amount of people were rounded up to participate in cameo-roles. For some it was the first time in front of a movie camera but that did not stop them from behaving just as wantonly as they would under normal circumstances. One thing of interest is that Donna Kerness meets Gina Zuckerman at the climax of the film. The motion picture screen's greatest sexpots are together for the first time in the same scene! If you don't know what the word sexpot means, wait until you see Donna Kerness's frying pans! And, if you think they're great, stay awake and you'll get a peek at Gina Zuckerman's noodle-strainer! – George Kuchar