Light Sketches / Cycles

(1968, 16mm, Color, Sound, 20min.)

LIGHT SKETCHES – I composed a series of 16mm film strips, consisting of black opaque leader which had been etched and scribbled on by the pointed edge of a razor blade. I then took these scribbled strips of black film and threaded them through a projector, splicing the ends together, and photographed them with my movie camera—double and triple exposing them and using different color filters for each overlapping exposure. Using my Zoom lens, photographing with color positive and color negative film and projecting on objects other than the screen, were further elaborations on my concept.

CYCLES – I have tried to capture the essence of each of the four Seasons as I have felt them when away by myself on a hike up in the mountains of New York State, or alone, peering out of my fifth floor window in the West Bronx.