Mosholu Holiday

(1966, 16mm, B&W, Sound, 10min.)

A special guest appearance by Canadian TV star Bill Ronald along with the massive presence of "Mrs. Bronx" herself, Frances Leibowitz, and her girlfriend Iris, make this film a must-see for travel enthusiasts and horror fans.

"It contains another gallery of the Strange People who 'star' in these parodies of 'big' movies. In one terrific sequence shot on a rooftop, half of the screen spotlights the mirror reflection of a 97-Pound Weakling going through the posturings of the demi-god muscleman while next to the mirror a fat, leopard-clad transvestite bumps and grinds to a frothy Hollywood soundtrack. Kuchar quotes directly from one of the Saraghina sequences in as his camera follows the grotesquely bouncing proportions of a fat Bronx beauty running across a tennis court." – Miller Francis Jr., Berkeley Barb

"The special gift of George Kuchar is that he is a humorist with a great sense of tragedy. His people are so much larger, so much more real, than most of the people you see in cinema today. Recently I saw again George Kuchar's short film, MOSHOLU HOLIDAY, and I was amazed at how much he managed to put in that short film–there was the Bronx, split open, it's very heart, sad, crying, and laughing." – Jonas Mekas, The Village Voice