A Reason to Live

(1976, 16mm, B&W, Sound, 30min.)

"This film is about depression, although it's not that depressing. I suppose it has a message of faith and hope in it ... it does for me .... But then again my interest may not match yours. It was shot in San Francisco and in Central Oklahoma with a cast of one man and four women. Crushing emotions are indulged in against a massive meteorological background that brings inspiration and terror to the characters involved." – George Kuchar


Cast your eyes skyward and see the silver lining that shines above the gutter you have fallen into. It's all so transient, Julia... beauty fades... but ugliness always leaves an unsightly stain... a blotch on the fabric of purity that is nature.

Remember there are three things you can do in this world:

You can do good.                                                                                                     You can do bad.                                                                                                         Or you can do nothing.