One Night A Week

(Class Production: 1978, 16mm, B&W, Sound, 27min.)

The story was written for a radio workshop in 1947. Parents make their teenagers stay in one night a week. That one night turns into an orgy. With ONE NIGHT A WEEK my main concern was to create beautiful close-ups of the students and to short circuit the wholesome quality of the original material. The students in that class were mainly all girls and they wanted to have a good time shooting the guys in 16mm. I remember the utter joy one gal had in panning down the bare body of a male member. One young guy was on acid and the girls wanted to get him on the set for a nude, fudge party. He was glad to oblige them in his condition. I was sick one time and Curt McDowell, a friend and ex-student, came in to shoot a sequence in my absence. His interest in pornography is very evident in the scenes he got the class to do. One of the girls in the class was a stripper and that's how she paid the school's tuition. They were all very sweet people and several had punk rock bands. – George Kuchar

“A cinematic rendering of a 1940s radio play intended for classroom broadcast during that era. A very erotic rendering.” – George Kuchar