Prescrition In Blue

(Class Production: 1979, 16mm, B&W, Sound, 21min.)

A female sex therapist throws herself into her work with wicked abandon and confronts the masochism of her 9-to-5 job... with plenty of overtime.

“PERSCRITION IN BLUE which is of course misspelled. The students left off the ‘P’ from ‘prescription.’ I’m not sure, but perhaps this was the same time that Dr. Ruth had notoriety on television, and I wanted to make [the class film] about a sex therapist. We had a girl in the class, who I realized was so awkward in front of the camera and was so uncomfortable that she gave vivid performances—performances that you never could forget. So I starred her in the picture, but she would always say after we were done shooting a scene—’Yuck! I’m awful! I can’t do this.’ And I said, ‘No keep doing what you’re doing. It’s top notch.’" – George Kuchar

“We devised a plot about a sex therapist. We did have a woman in the class who was going a bit nuts. She said her libido was unleashed because she didn’t have much time to live. She said she worked for the Livermore Labs and had radiation poisoning, and she didn’t expect to live very long, so she was sleeping with most of the guys in the class. I didn’t realize this until the scenes began to get very underexposed. In fact, one scene was completely black, and I said, ‘This can’t be! I checked the exposures.’ It turned out that a guy was getting jealous, realizing she was fooling around, and jeopardizing all the scenes she was in by turning the aperture down and darkening all of her scenes.” – George Kuchar