The Secret Of Wendel Samson

(1966, 16mm, Color, Sound, 33.5min.)

Brooding, orange haired Red Grooms roams the shadows on city streets and in lonely alleys, searching for his 'real' self.

With Red Grooms as Wendel Samson. Who is Wendel Samson? He is a Universe in himself, but perhaps even more complex. The Cosmic Bubble is governed by the forces of electrical magnetic inertia. He is governed by a need. Unstable. A hunger to understand the impossible. Himself maybe. A quest to find the equation to happiness in a cosmic structure where happiness is not a physical property. He is a Star in the cluster of stars. A solar speck in the speckled nebula of souls. A silent phantom radiating in the heavens of shining phantoms. Floating on islands within islands, in a bubble, fifty trillion light years curved.