The Sunshine Sisters

(1972, 16mm, Color, Sound, 36min.)

"THE SUNSHINE SISTERS looks like a 1944 postcard that was shot in black and white, but colored with garish grease pencil reds, yellows and greens. Likewise, the film sounds like the scores of at least two-dozen grade B melodramas mixed together with an egg beater. The results are hilarious, ludicrous and incongruous - a love comic book of doomed women and handsome, nefarious young men caught in a web of dramatic cliches, pushed ad absurdum. Elvira Cartwright, dying of movie star disease, is seen alternatingly clutching her waning heart and being taken unfair advantage of in some of the most bizarre places imaginable. Sarah Cartwright wears a phony leopard skin jacket, pointy plastic sunglasses, and gold-toned sandals .... The sisters are played by Jan Lash and Ainslie Pryor. Musical compilation is by Bob Cowan." – program notes, New York Film Forum