Unstrap Me

(1968, 16mm, Color, Sound, 77min.)

Produced by Walter Gutman

Starring Walter Gutman and a lot of women with a few elephants

"This film is my longest movie in color because someone else produced it. It has a lot of scenery and the soundtrack has a lot of sound. I went to Cape Cod, New Jersey and Florida and got drunk in most of those places because Walter drinks a lot and I had nothing else to do between shooting. The drunkenness did not affect my shooting but many people think that it did." – George Kuchar

"... It's a pity that a film like UNSTRAP ME is dismissed by our reviewers. But I guess that's life. Someday a plague will come and will wipe out all the film reviewers, including all those belonging to the National Society of Film Critics. And it will serve them well, egoistic punks." – Jonas Mekas, The Village Voice