Reflections From A Cinematic Cesspool

George and Mike Kuchar, “Reflections From A Cinematic Cesspool”, Zanja Press, 1997

For over three decades the irrepressible twin, underground filmmakers George and Mike Kuchar have been making some of the funniest films in the US—lusty, good-humored spoofs of Hollywood "B" films and "documentaries." Key figures in the alternative filmmaking of the '60s, the legendary Kuchar brothers have influenced generations of independent filmmakers (John Waters and Roger Vadim come to mind). While barely in their teens, the Kuchars began working with 8mm film, producing, directing, and starring in their own epics. Continuing true to their vision, they moved to 16mm. When film became too expensive, the Kuchar brothers began pushing video to outrageous limits. Here is what other people say about the Kuchars and "reflections from a cinematic cesspool."