George Kuchar on WNYC

September 6th marked a great loss to the film community with the death of underground filmmaker George Kuchar.

As a Bronx native working in the midst Andy Warhol’s Factory and a gallery-centric conceptual cinema arts scene, Kuchar offered a refreshingly different perspective on the possibilities of story-driven film-making.  Along with his twin brother Mike, George created a fantastical oeuvre of campy and heartfelt homages to the world of Classic Hollywood cinema.

His inventiveness and humor attracted many admirers, including John Waters and David Lynch

In this episode of WNYC's Arts Forum from January 2, 1976, film scholar and guest host P. Adams Sitney interviews George Kuchar about his latest script for the film Thundercrack! (1975). Kuchar describes his process, the pornographic nature of the film, and his upcoming projects.  Special thanks to Anthology Film Archives for providing the audio for this post.